Classic Margherita v

Pizza sauce, mozzarella & basil



Pizza sauce, mozzarella & generously loaded with pepperoni


Italiana Padana v

Pizza sauce, Goats cheese, carmelised red onion & rocket


BBQ Chicken

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, roast chicken, bacon, red onion & BBQ sauce drizzle


American Deli

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, salami, spiced beef with optional mustard drizzle


Hawaii Not!

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, ham & fresh pineapple


Vegetarian v

Pizza sauce, halloumi cheese, peppers, red onion & spinach


Something Spicy

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, peppers, red onion, red & green chilies (pepperoni/spiced beef optional)


Garlic Mushroom v

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, garlic butter mushrooms & mixed herbs



All menu pizzas can be customised to a degree to meet the customers requirements as long as additional toppings can be sourced. Alternative or additional toppings may result in an additional fee. Gluten free bases offered on request. Although every precaution is taken our gluten free pizzas are prepared alongside products containing gluten. Allergen information available on request.